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What is TeleportDAO?

TeleportDAO is a secure and trustless infrastructure that connects blockchains together. Using TeleportDAO, users can move any data (messages like contract calls, or assets like tokens, NFT, etc.) from one blockchain (called source chain) to another blockchain (called target chain). TeleportDAO does this in a trustless manner and it works between any programmable and non-programmable blockchains.


TeleportDAO is a light client bridge (Relay) that is the most secure solution to blockchain interoperability as it does not rely on third parties. Instead, all the cross-chain data is verified by smart contracts. To deploy TeleportDAO smart contracts, the target chain needs to be programmable, however, the source chain can be programmable or non-programmable. TeleportDAO adjusts to different blockchains with different consensus mechanisms and different speeds.

Cross-chain dApps

Relay makes the whole data of the source chain accessible on the target chain. This can be used to relay messages from one blockchain to another, perform cross-chain contract calls, wrap tokens and access applications on the other blockchain, etc. The opportunities to build on top of a cross-chain infrastructure are countless; many applications can become cross-chain or multi-chain to gain more users and be exposed to different ecosystems. TeleportDAO provides such a secure infrastructure so that developers can focus on high-level applications.